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Summed Up: Singapore

Singapore. A conflicting place of East and West, Old Traditions and the New, Creativity and Censorship, Hawkers and Fine Dining.

It’s always a little difficult to write about a place which has shaped you, where you were born and raised in, which used to be all you ever knew. Simply because, I can never truly be completely objective of the views I have on the city, completely basing how I feel on the subjective and personal experiences I’ve had living here. But I guess that itself can be quite interesting for outsiders to have a glimpse of.

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Phnom Penh: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum & Chuoeng Ek (Killing Fields)

We had a week long break at the start of October due to the Chinese National Day celebrations. After all that planning, we finally set off to visit the charming land of Cambodia. We took an evening MU flight out and arrived in the night. (It was a bad flight, but that’s another story. We’re excited to see Cambodia Angkor Air will be flying direct here soon and will definitely fly with them instead next).

We quickly checked into our beautiful boutique hotel The Plantation, in a quiet street of central Phnom Penh and booked an independent tuk-tuk driver through the hotel for the next day. So, when people talk about Cambodia, it’s almost always immediately about the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap. The temples are indeed amazing but the millions of tourists yearly often overlook Cambodia’s very recent history (1975-1979) – the Khmer Rouge regime. Of which, the last surviving leaders are currently still facing trial for. Visiting the various museums that explains this, opens your eyes to the struggles of the Khmer people even today, as they continue to rebuild their nation after losing millions of their brothers.

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Hong Kong: Australian Dairy Company (Cha Chaan Tengs)

I’ve heard a lot about this place. It’s a simple cha chaan teng (茶餐厅) most popular for its scrambled eggs, and steamed egg white pudding with milk. What way to best experience local Hong Kong than in a cha chaan teng. While queues are long at almost all times, the turnover is relatively quick. We soon understood how we got a seat so quickly.

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Singapore: Gardens By The Bay (Evening)

The only time I’d been in the vicinity before was during the Johnnie Walker Circuit Party in the Flower Dome, and seeing we went straight into the venue indoors and didn’t even have time to walk around, I never considered myself as ever been to Gardens by the Bay before. We were supposed to meet a bunch of friends at Indochine@SuperTree that evening and took the opportunity to have a little walk around before.

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Shanghai: Qipu Lu (Cheap Shopping)

This is a must for my female guests who love shopping and love a good deal even more. It’s like Chatuchak in Bangkok, except a whole lot cheaper (most of the stuff in Chatuchak is made in China anyway). It’s also a one stop shop for souvenirs. Especially useful for lazy souvenir shoppers like me. Most of these come direct from the factories and is usually where most local clothing stores get their stuff wholesale. You’d have clothes, shoes, and accessories, for adults to babies to even different sized pets here.

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