Hong Kong: Typhoon Usagi

All flights departing Hong Kong have been cancelled from 6pm on 22 September till 12:30pm 23 September (tentative). If the typhoon persists and warnings still raised tomorrow, flights will be cancelled once again.

Right now, we’re stranded and unsure of which flight we’d be able to get on. Looking at the hundreds trying to rebook themselves on the flights, tomorrow’s options look unrealistic.

Still trying to get through the hotline as the airport staff instructed but no response so far. Everything’s probably overloaded. But as time passes by without a confirmed flight booking, the chances of us flying out in the next two days grow slimmer. (Sigh)

As much as we enjoyed Hong Kong, we have commitments to fulfill back home, so wish us luck and hope we get back on a sooner flight rather than later.

Meanwhile we’ll be keeping safe.

N & D.

[Update: Got a flight out tomorrow early evening. Keeping fingers crossed nothing is cancelled!]


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