Shanghai: The PuLi Hotel & Spa (Mid Autumn Indulgence)

Happy Mid Autumn Holiday, everyone! 中秋节快乐!

I love Public Holidays – you’re “forced” to take a little breather no matter if you’re staying local or heading overseas. Nobody’s going to give you the “I have to cover for you while you’re gone?” guilt-trip. Time to head out and bask in the company of lovely friends, laze around alone in the company of your-lovely-self, catch up on the films, books, and everything that you’ve missed out on. Yes, I do like them holidays.

We were not able to fly out till Friday due to work commitments, but that doesn’t mean our time here in Shanghai is wasted. We started the Mid Autumn morning with a pampering breakfast at The PuLi, followed by a massage at the Anantara Spa (slowly using up my birthday package gift – such a lovely gift – I love spas to death).

The Jing An Restaurant serves brunch on Sundays at 398 RMB (+15{41fa6087d8c7a63defc3bee73345e199ce23e34c152e707e8c67b890f5fc65dc}), while breakfast is served all days of the week at 200RMB (+15{41fa6087d8c7a63defc3bee73345e199ce23e34c152e707e8c67b890f5fc65dc}). For these two options, you will be allowed to choose some items from the menu, as well as get access to the many breakfast items served buffet style, juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee. To be even more opulent, you can add a bottle of champagne with that breakfast, and relax with a view of the JingAn Park.

We’ve tried both the brunch and breakfast options now, and I personally think their breakfast is incredibly valued for money. Unless you have a bottomless pit for a stomach and can successfully devour the 3 course brunch menu along with the buffet, I’d suggest sticking with the breakfast menu.

Right after a nice filling breakfast, we headed to the Anantara Spa one level up to be treated like Wagyu cattle for another session of pampering in the form of an Aromatic Swedish Massage. Well, at least, that’s how I imagine a Wagyu would feel like.

Address: The PuLi Hotel & Spa, 1 Changde Lu, near Yan’an Lu
常德路 1号, 近延安路
Jing’An Restaurant Breakfast: 200RMB +15{41fa6087d8c7a63defc3bee73345e199ce23e34c152e707e8c67b890f5fc65dc}
Jing’An Restaurant Brunch (Sundays): 398RMB +15{41fa6087d8c7a63defc3bee73345e199ce23e34c152e707e8c67b890f5fc65dc}
Tel: 021 3203 9999

Anantara Spa @ The Puli Hotel & Spa
Treatment Menu:

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