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Revisiting Singapore: Haw Par Villa

[Having been back in Singapore for two weeks, I’d decided to squeeze in as many friends, and sights I’ve missed, in my itinerary. And I’ll be journalling some of these places here. My bulkier camera was left in Shanghai and photos were only snapped using my phone this trip. So, forgive the photos.]

I was actually checking out the galleries at Gillman Barracks earlier in the day, with my friend Tim. We happened to see a photo of the “Crab-Man” from Haw Par Villa in one of the galleries’ installations, and Tim then mentioned Haw Par Villa was actually close by. I’ve not been back there since a child of 5. So the idea of revisiting this place after so many years was quite inviting. I was curious to see just how much of it was still similar to memory.

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