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Shanghai: Zhong Plaza (Updated July 2015)

Shanghai’s landscape is ever changing. The boom in new restaurants, bars, malls, is bigger now than ever. It’s no surprise then that developers have thought that one Xintiandi is not enough and decided to create another food & drinks hub in an old quarter somewhere. They found their location in Jing’An. (And right behind our home, lucky us!) The new place is currently referred to as “Zhong Plaza” or “That new place on Taixing Lu”.

Most of the restaurants and bars are already open and are having their soft launch prices and menus, some are still in development, but all of them look promising.

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Shanghai: Storm (Electronic Music Festival)

Storm Flyer
*Flyer from SmartShanghai

So I was browsing through what’s happening in the next weeks… And I came across this. Benny Benassi, Icona Pop already sounded interesting. Then I read on and one of my personal favourite DJs (Fedde Le Grand) will be spinning as well, alongside Zedd, and Axwell. The full line up hasn’t been announced but the current line up sounds convincing enough. Afterall, we don’t get big names thrown in ours faces often enough here in Shanghai! (But that’s definitely changing).

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Shanghai: Mr X Puzzle House

[Update: Seems there is now a new outlet in Beijing as well. Please see for details.]

When the question is posed “What should we do this weekend?” The answer for us usually revolve around eating, drinking, exploring the city, bumming around at someone’s place. A puzzle house is not exactly the most common thing to suggest. But a new experience is always welcoming after weeks of doing the same old things.

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Shanghai: Qipu Lu (Cheap Shopping)

This is a must for my female guests who love shopping and love a good deal even more. It’s like Chatuchak in Bangkok, except a whole lot cheaper (most of the stuff in Chatuchak is made in China anyway). It’s also a one stop shop for souvenirs. Especially useful for lazy souvenir shoppers like me. Most of these come direct from the factories and is usually where most local clothing stores get their stuff wholesale. You’d have clothes, shoes, and accessories, for adults to babies to even different sized pets here.

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Shanghai: The PuLi Hotel & Spa (Mid Autumn Indulgence)

Happy Mid Autumn Holiday, everyone! 中秋节快乐!

I love Public Holidays – you’re “forced” to take a little breather no matter if you’re staying local or heading overseas. Nobody’s going to give you the “I have to cover for you while you’re gone?” guilt-trip. Time to head out and bask in the company of lovely friends, laze around alone in the company of your-lovely-self, catch up on the films, books, and everything that you’ve missed out on. Yes, I do like them holidays.

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Shanghai: Art District M50

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Art is always subjective, and all about perspective. But there’s a bit of everything for everyone in the M50 galleries. There’s sculpture art, digital art, abstract, paintings of different mediums, art you can understand, art you cannot, and even photography exhibitions.

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