Hong Kong: Australian Dairy Company (Cha Chaan Tengs)

I’ve heard a lot about this place. It’s a simple cha chaan teng (茶餐厅) most popular for its scrambled eggs, and steamed egg white pudding with milk. What way to best experience local Hong Kong than in a cha chaan teng. While queues are long at almost all times, the turnover is relatively quick. We soon understood how we got a seat so quickly.


It’s all about speed and efficiency! The waiter shows you to your seat (usually you share a table with other strangers as eager to dine as you are), they ask for your order, they bring you your order, they ask if you need anything else and if your answer is no, you get your bill, you pay at the counter, and you’re out~


As many have mentioned, the macaroni with meat comes with the set but isn’t anything to shout about (though the meat pieces were pretty delish). The scrambled eggs, though, is another thing altogether. I can understand why some people come back for just the scrambled eggs and toast many times during their trip. I forgot how spectacular the simple eggs can be when scrambled, until I tasted the one here. Perfect consistency and creaminess. Then, came my steamed egg white pudding with milk, which was absolute yum and transported me to a different world for a little bit.



The menus are pasted on the table but they’re only in traditional chinese. Like almost any place in Hong Kong, they have an English menu as well but you’d have to grab a busy waiter’s attention and ask for one. I asked for the menu. The guy who attended to us was used to working so fast, that he just turned to point to the table for the menu without even looking at our faces, and  said something in Cantonese – which I assumed was something like “there, the menu”. A few seconds later, he looked up to two confused looking faces and immediately switched languages “Oh English! Ok, wait”.


Everything went pretty smoothly then. People eat, people enjoy, and people rush off to get on with their day again. Definitely an interesting way to get a gist of the fast paced life here in Hong Kong.

Address: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street Jordan

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