Shanghai: Art District M50

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Art is always subjective, and all about perspective. But there’s a bit of everything for everyone in the M50 galleries. There’s sculpture art, digital art, abstract, paintings of different mediums, art you can understand, art you cannot, and even photography exhibitions.

M50 7


M50 8

Admittedly, the entire stretch of Moganshan Lu lining the Suzhou Creek, beginning from the Changhua Lu intersection, is one of my favourite places to head to when I have friends visiting. The stretch of wall along Moganshan Lu is constantly changing with new graffiti and street art. So, it never gets old.

M50 1

Even in the 39 degrees heat while my best friend was here, I enjoyed the little walk down to M50 where the galleries and art stores are, and cooling off in one of the cosy cafes in the compound at the end.


M50 D&N
Yep, that’s us.


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