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Shanghai: Art District M50

Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Art is always subjective, and all about perspective. But there’s a bit of everything for everyone in the M50 galleries. There’s sculpture art, digital art, abstract, paintings of different mediums, art you can understand, art you cannot, and even photography exhibitions.

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Revisiting Singapore: Arab Street

[Having been back in Singapore for two weeks, I’d decided to squeeze in as many friends, and sights I’ve missed, in my itinerary. And I’ll be journalling some of these places here. My bulkier camera was left in Shanghai and photos were only snapped using my phone this trip. So, forgive the photos.]

Arab Street is pretty known to the younger locals, but still not the most talked about among travellers. Tourists often overlook this place altogether when they’re short of time. When travellers do talk about it though, they often mention the majestic Sultan Mosque, or the little souvenirs they managed to buy from the little Persian lane stores, or an expensive unique dress from a boutique store run by homegrown designers. Those who stay at night, see a totally different face to this little area.

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