Singapore: Hair Wash & Blow

We’ve all gone for a hair cut at a salon before and my favourite parts had always been anything but the cut itself. I loved the hair wash, and I loved the blowout styling at the end. These guys make me feel like I’ve done it all wrong – they make my hair feel and look so much healthier and lighter than if I did it on my own.

It hadn’t really occured to me that all these salons probably provide this service without the cut, until I came to Shanghai. The prices for a hair wash and styling were advertised everywhere by the salons, and boy were they incredibly affordable (The lowest I’d seen was RMB15, which translates to around S$3). With prices like that, you’d understand why my friend’s grandma never washes her hair by herself. Such a tai tai.

Flying into Singapore quite soon after my finger was accidentally cut in the freak accident and not being able to properly wash and style my hair, a luxury turned into somewhat of a need. Singapore being such a humid city, I feel the need to wash my hair everyday or every two days at the bare minimum. So the lower the price, the better for me. I started actively looking around for the cheapest hair washes in town. The average prices of a wash and blow in Singapore is around S$25-30. However, looking deeper into the heartlands and the neighbourhood salons, some of the prices go far lower, which is a real deal for Singapore.

Some of the deals I’ve come across so far – KIMarie Hairdressing is currently having a promotion of S$7 for their wash & blow, or a normal cut at NEX Mall. Three different salons in Tanjong Pagar Plaza are offering wash & blow at their regular prices of only S$9. Lastly, I’d also gotten suckered (not by the stylists, but myself) into adding a hair treatment service to my wash and blow experience at Crème Hairdressing for just S$28, which was a nice treat and probably the cheapest hair treatment I’ve done for my hair.

Instead of heading straight for a cut every time I start hating my hair, I now settle for this cheaper alternative. There’s still always the chance that my hate doesn’t lessen. But that’s when I’d ascertain it’s time for more drastic change.

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